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Manchester Feet FAQs

Q. How long will my treatment take?
A. An appointment usually lasts in the region of 30 minutes. Your first appointment take a little longer as we will need to ask a few questions and discuss your main concerns.
Q. What do I need to do to prepare for my visit?
A. All you need to do is decide upon a comfortable chair that's (ideally) not too low. The podiatrist takes his own covering to protect your floor and furniture. If it's your first appointment, a list of any medication you are taking would be much appreciated. We do ask that patients are ready to be treated at the time of their appointment, as the podiatrist may have several other appointments that day that he needs to attend.
Q. Will it hurt?
A. The vast majority of treatments are completely pain free and many people report that they feel extremely relaxed during their appointment. When treating certain ailments, such as ingrown or infected toenails, there may be a little discomfort, but the podiatrist will always aim to be as gentle as possible and will work within your own limitations.
Q. Can I pay by card?
A. Unfortunately we cannot accept card payments. We ask that patients pay by cash or cheque.
Q. Can I book my next appointment in advance?
A. Of course! We recommend that you book your next appointment in advance so that you can secure a suitable date and time before our diary gets too full. However, if you'd like to call up when you require a treatment, this is of course absolutely fine and we will aim to accommodate you wherever possible.
Q. I'm struggling to reach my feet and am a little embarrassed about their appearance. Are you happy to treat me?
A. Of course! Believe me, we have seen all shapes and sizes of feet and nails! Whatever the appearance of your feet, we will aim to improve your comfort.
Q. I'm not sure you can help me with my problem. What should I do?
A. In this situation, just give me a phone call and we can discuss the issue and decide upon the best course of action.
Q. Am I too young/old for podiatry treatment?
A. No. We see people of all ages who are either keen to treat a specific problem or who simply wish to take good care of their feet. Let's face it, they have to last us a long time!
Q. Can I cancel my appointment if I can't make it?
A. Of course. We understand that you may occasionally need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. All we ask is that, wherever possible, you give us 24 hours notice. If a patient repeatedly cancels at very short notice, we may ask for a payment of 50% of the treatment cost.
Q. What about Data Protection and G.D.P.R.?
A. As a provider of Medical Services Manchester Feet Podiatry are required to record details of all patients; details include medical information, medication, medical history etc. along with general demographic details. All details will be retained in paper format. Permission from a parent or someone holding parental responsibility is required for all patients under the age of 16. We are required to retain medical records for a minimum of 7 years after the last treatment. (N.B. Timescales vary due to circumstances such as age at first treatment and mental health capacity.) Your Right to be Forgotten cannot override the requirement for medical notes to be held for the above mentioned minimum retention period. With your agreement we may use your details to liaise with other medical professionals outside of Manchester Feet Podiatry to assist in your care for example, your General Practitioner. We will not use your information for any other purpose than providing or promoting our podiatry services except where permission has been granted as mentioned above to liaise with other medical professionals. Your demographic information may be used to aid with appointment booking and booking reminders. Your information will not be sold to any third party. You have the right to request a copy of any information we hold about you. This can be obtained by submitting a written request. We may levy a charge to cover the cost of providing such information. If you are not happy for this information to be retained, we unfortunately will be unable to provide you with any podiatry care.